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Brand Design

Project Brief

Design and develop a cutting edge brand design / advertising campaign suitable for a 15 week project deadline.  

There is a lot of room for creative expression as students can undergo any project they would like however, it is advised they pick a brand which is a known subject area for them. 

Project Introduction

Being a current university student I am aware of the challenges facing most students. One of the hardest parts of University is adapting to the social life. I experienced the brunt of this first hand during my first year in which we were held in lockdown and forced to only know the limited people in our halls of residence and on our course who we only happened to meet with online with not much opportunity for interaction.  

This is something that I felt was a gap in the market and needed to be addressed. I felt that with the correct idea and execution this was an idea destined for success.

Initial ideas

For the logo, I'm envisioning something bold and dynamic, maybe incorporating elements like students coming together, or even some iconic symbols of student life like books, music, or sports equipment. 


In terms of our mission and principles, I believe it is critical that I prioritise diversity, empowerment, and enjoyment. The aim is to strive to provide students from all walks of life a sense of community and belonging, as well as the opportunity to pursue new interests, meet friends, and create lasting experiences.

I'm also considering our rivals and how we might position ourselves successfully. We will need to distinguish ourselves by emphasising our national reach, dedication to diversity and inclusiveness, and focus on providing high-quality, memorable events that appeal to students' interests and preferences.


As previously said, my motivation is primarily derived from my own academic experiences. It helps to fuel my enthusiasm for improving student life and developing a feeling of community and belonging on university campuses. You are motivated by the conviction that student events and activities play an important role in generating memorable experiences, connecting people, and improving the overall university experience. Your objective is to build a brand that not only arranges events but also acts as a space for students to connect, discover new hobbies, and create memorable experiences.


Project planning

Upon the beginning of this project I knew in order to keep myself focused I needed to create a clear outline of how I wanted this project to go. Due to the strict time constraints a well scheduled plan was a necessity. 

However, due to my limited knowledge of the full extent of which this project entails the ideas to which weeks were kept broad in order to allow me some wiggle room.

Market and competitor research

The competition for my student events idea primarily includes other event organisation companies targeting university and college students across the UK. Some potential competitors could include Student Unions: Many universities have student unions or societies that organise events and activities for students on campus. So I initially began by looking into the student union closest to me.

Winchester Student Union:

Winchester student union (, 2024) is a small but effectively run student union that has a clear and simple brand and a clear. When looking at their mission statement it tells you a lot about the way they wish for their brand to be reflected.

(, 2024)

Winchester student: ‘Student Led, Student Delivered. We are an independent organisation from the University itself, and we are dedicated to representing and supporting you as students, as well as providing a wide range of opportunities, activities, and events for all students across our Education, Welfare, Activities and Services Zones.’

I do like this mission statement however, I do feel as though it limits them at some capacities.


Overly Broad Focus: The mission statement mentions a wide range of areas such as representation, support, opportunities, activities, and events. While this breadth may seem comprehensive, it could result in the organization spreading itself too thin and struggling to prioritize and effectively address specific student needs.

Limited Engagement with University: While independence can be beneficial, it's essential for student organisations to maintain positive relationships with the university to access resources, collaborate on initiatives, and advocate for student interests effectively. Emphasizing independence too strongly may hinder collaboration opportunities.

One element of Winchester student unions brand that I really like and admire is their colour theme and I am looking to use that for some inspiration.

NUS (National Union of Students):

‘We will fight barriers to education, empower students to shape both a quality learning experience and the world around them, supporting influential, democratic and well-resourced students' unions.’

There is a number of different messages portrayed by this mission statement.


Clear Purpose: The mission statement communicates a clear purpose centred around advocating for educational accessibility, student empowerment, and the advancement of students' unions. This clarity can resonate with individuals who prioritize social justice and equity in education.

Empowerment Focus: By emphasizing empowerment, the statement positions the organization as a catalyst for student agency and activism, encouraging students to take an active role in shaping their education and broader societal issues.

Support for Students' Unions: The commitment to supporting well-resourced and democratic students' unions reflects an understanding of the importance of collective student representation and advocacy within educational institutions.


Overarching Scope: The mission statement addresses a broad range of objectives, including fighting barriers to education, empowering students, and supporting students' unions. While ambitious, this breadth may result in a lack of focus and difficulty in effectively prioritizing and addressing specific issues.

Potential Conflict with Educational Institutions: Advocating for systemic changes and challenging barriers to education may lead to friction with educational institutions or regulatory bodies, potentially hindering collaboration, and cooperation on shared goals.

Potential Conflict with Educational Institutions: Advocating for systemic changes and challenging barriers to education may lead to friction with educational institutions or regulatory bodies, potentially hindering collaboration, and cooperation on shared goals.

Measurement of Impact: While the mission statement articulates ambitious goals, it may be challenging to measure the organization's impact and success in achieving these objectives. Lack of clear metrics or evaluation criteria can make it difficult to assess effectiveness and adjust strategies accordingly.

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