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RSA project : Flourishing Places

The brief

The RSA project "Flourishing Places"  future thinking proposals that recognise humans as part of nature and celebrate the need to exist in harmony. Ensure your vision for the built environment is embedding diverse human and morethan-human experiences and clearly communicating how your idea is contributing to societal and planetary health.

It is essential to talk about how it could progress in a certain area. For me my initial choice was to go with London. However, the brief also mentions reaching out to a diverse amount of communities and more me the easiest way this could be achievable is through the use of social media.

Initial thoughts

My initial draw to this project was the potential for climate change prevention as well the potential to impact local communities for the better. The aim for their brief is clearly to try and impact communities in a way that will create a healthier lifestyle for the residents as well as the wildlife.

Personally I have with an interest in ecological consciousness, sustainable urban development, and the relationship between ecological and human well-being. The allure is in the chance to support a vision of the built environment that celebrates and recognises human connectivity with the larger natural world, while simultaneously giving priority to human experiences.  At a young age in school we would always be tasked with creating a small ecosystem or looking after the class room plants. This instilled the importance of nature in me very early on. Although I am targeting London there is no reason this could not be applied to other cities and communities.

Numerous ideas came to mind but three really stood out and these are the pieces i took to practice as I attempted to come up with new ways in which this project was going to be undertaken in ways in which are creative and I believe yet to be touched upon.  The VR showcase is an intriguing focus point with heaps of potential however, VR is not exactly my area of expertise nor my area of interest at this moment in time. After having a slow start to the project I believe this task would of been one of high demand as not only would I have been required to learn a new skill but, I also would of had to learn it to a level in which I could of experimented techniques to improve sustainability and provide a solid example of a RSA solution.

However, the idea which was far more to my liking was that of a marketing campaign which used AI imaging and the popularity of short video creation on apps like tik tok which is relatively new to sustainable foundations and not something you often come across. The aim is to utilise these two techniques in order to create a marketing campaign based around the idea of shock and awareness. Using AI image creation will allow a brand new format in which awareness projects can be undertaken. It will allow for unprecedented levels of creativity and limitless opportunities.

Project Planning

In order to maximise my effectiveness I created a simple Gantt chart. I was already slightly behind schedule due to the fact I was a bit lost at the beginning of the project.  The gantt chart was extremely helpful in maintaining my  initial projection. The idea was to get the bulk of the research out of the way early giving me time to marinate and produce AI images suitable for the message I wish to portray.

There was a couple of sections which were missing however, this was created at the very beginning of the project so I was not full aware of the routes and possibilities this subject would take me down. However, the idea behind the Gantt chart was effective as it gave me a clear route that I needed to go down in order to meet my targets.


Using the gantt chart eliminated any stagnating on this project and helped to streamline my production. Whereas in similar projects in the past i would often become stuck and unaware of how to further my work.

Initial Research

​Artificial Intelligence-generated images has blurred the boundaries between human and machine creativity, opening up new avenues for artistic expression. AI techniques are increasingly being used by designers and artists to produce captivating images that defy conventions and rethink cultural aesthetics.

AI-generated imagery is transforming the way businesses interact with their consumers in the marketing space. Marketers may target particular demographics with information by using personalised images generated by algorithms, which increases the efficacy of their advertising efforts. There is a chance that this tailored strategy would strengthen the bond between customers and companies.


In order to fully grasp how this could benefit the RSA I needed to find out the benefits of using a new tool like this to create a shock campaign as well as the benefits of said campaign stratergies.

There are many benefits to AI image generation one key element being the time aspect. 'One of the biggest advantages of AI in art creation is the acceleration of the creative process. AI tools and techniques allow artists to create works in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional techniques.' (Aela School - Where Ambitious Designers Thrive, 2023)

This is incredibly useful for the world of marketing as it is often a work environment that requires quick turnarounds in order to meet desired time schedule. There are often customer requirements that must be met also and these are not always met. It is extremely common for customers to completely change their minds and want to start from scratch. The ability to completely change an entire image in mere seconds as opposed to what normally would have been days if not weeks.

This is my own ai image depicting AI creating a 'better future' using Microsoft bing image creator

It is revolutionary in so many ways another being consumer behaviour. It is impossible to overestimate how AI-generated imagery affects customer behaviour. Research indicates that visually appealing content—which is frequently enhanced by AI—has a better probability of drawing viewers in and influencing their decisions to buy. By identifying trends, tastes, and cultural shifts through extensive data analysis, AI algorithms help organisations remain ahead of the curve and connect with their target market.

All kinds of AI now have a grip on the marketing industry and Forbes touched upon this in an article. 'Utilising emerging technologies like AI has broken new ground in providing personalised services to our customers. The ability of AI to analyse vast volumes of data and identify unique patterns has empowered businesses to predict customer needs with increased accuracy.' (Jean-Baptiste Hironde, 2023)

This is my own ai image depicting AI creating a forbes article made with Microsoft bing image creator

Campaign Branding

The very first impression I want people to have when they see the campaign is an awareness of the importance and the power of sof the brand name. This is where I settled on London Needs Nature. Simple. Bold. Effective. I thought it perfectly conveyed the message I I wanted my project to convey.

Next I needed to make a Logo to match the vision of the campaign. One that conveyed the message in a professional and elegant manor. I immediately knew that I wanted to abbreviate the name of the brand to make the logo pop.

'The best logos – the ones that give the viewer an immediate and clear sense of “you” – are clean and uncluttered. In general, less is more and simplicity is more impactful.' (Hoppe, 2020)

I also felt that I had to lean into the London aspect and so I tried incorporating famous landmarks into the lettering, Furthermore, then naturally intertwining nature with the Landmarks in order to create a perfect representation of the campaign, It did not take long to settle on the use of Big Ben as one of London's biggest and most famous landmarks. I was very happy with the final design.

This was the final design that i decided to settle on. I made this design on Adobe Illustrator and was extremely happy with the finished design.

It perfectly reflects the aim of the campaign while also portraying an image of power and change. It will also fit perfectly in the allocated profile picture frames allowed on certain social medias. More specifically on X and TikTok. 


Content creation

The two social medias that I decided to target for this project are X and TikTok. My first focus was on X. It is a highly proficient media platform for engagement and promoting a campaign.  It has the exact target age rage I wish to hit which is teens, young adults and middle aged people. These age groups are the ones with the power to shape the future for better.


'Many people use Twitter to get news, follow brands, and get customer service.' (WordStream, 2023) It is still to this day one of the most popular forms of social media and therefor would be ideal for picture posts that grab attention.

'TikTok is the fastest growing social media platform of all time, taking only five years to reach one billion monthly active users. While it’s known for dancing, there are countless popular categories on the platform that continue to grow. Businesses are finding ways to use it as a marketing channel.'(WordStream, 2023) For TikTok, I aim to create an informational style format of video that gets the harsh points across in a style that can capture audience attention.

Twitter / X media

Bing image creator was my chosen form of photo generator as it is free to use and provides users with a few options for every search. It took me a while to get the searches to fit exactly what I wanted however, eventually the images started to fit into the brief idea that I wanted.

The next job was to move the image onto Adobe Photoshop and edit the lighting and gradient.

After doing so the next task was to add the text. However, I wanted to add it in such manner that it appeared natural in the skyline and almost like it was being affected by fog and other environmental factors. 

The aim of this was hopefully to make it stand out online and potentially in the future look good on billboards and bus stops.

In order to do this I used displacement effects which took slight practice but was a fun skill to attempt to learn.

Here a few of the numerous attempts at creating finished products I was fully satisfied with. However, there was only one or two finished items I felt would be a proper representation of the campaign and thus not all of them got finished / posted. For me it was essential to promote quality over quantity to maintain people are taking the campaign seriously.

The next natural step was to construct the posts. I wanted to ensure that the posts featured the relevant information and facts that are informative enough to reach peoples attention and show the necessity for green spaces. If a derelict version of the city does not shock people into action there will not be much that will,

Some of the designs feature less text but just focused on campaign promotion in order to convey the message. I also wanted to target specific streets in the hope that bus stops and billboards however, AI does not currently possess the technology to touch upon specific roads as of yet.

Here is the link to the twitter account:

I also had an image made to show the green side in order to showcase the flourishing places side of the RSA brief. However, I felt in the end the image did not quite fit with the campaign image I wished to establish.

Tik Tok Media

For TikTok I wished to move away from the AI side slightly but, try using new editing software and utilising a relatively new platform in TikTok in order to still fit the brief and the request of the RSA. It is still about using the new technology to make a positive change and encourage flourishing places.

I wished to make a short informational video that got the facts across while still remaining entertaining. 'TikTok videos go viral only if your content is original.' (Joseph, 2021)  The first step was to create a script for an informational video produced by myself.

Screenshot 2024-01-09 at

I was happy after some time of working on the script and felt like it was working towards the message the campaign required. It took some time to figure out the correct balance of story telling and hard facing facts. 

Using the application CapCut I compiled a few stock videos with a few of my own videos taken during a trip to London. Audios had to be adjusted along with timings to ensure that the clips fell in line withe the script of the video.

Using a background in Film Studies I enjoy this kind of editing and took time to ensure background sound did not clash with vocal narration. The framing also needed to fit TikTok's format so I tried my best to keep the video clips to a high quality even while adjusting the ratio.

One of the videos on the account even managed to reach 518,000 likes on the video with a staggering 2.2 million views. This shows the kind of outreach potential this format has. It is an extremely successful platform that is a fantastic way for new accounts to gain attention.


Unfortunately this video was removed by TikTok for un-named reasons and did not quite reach the same levels of attention. It was removed just before I could get any pictures.  Nevertheless, I see it as a fantastic insight into how the campaign is supported and the potential for the idea to create flourishing places.

Here is a link to the TikTok account:

On all the posts I ensured that #LNN and #LNNMOVEMENTS were included in the captions for good cause to group all posts together and create a helpful social hub or a 'virtual meeting point' where anyone hoping to find out more about the campaign easily could. I believe that both the forms of media were successfull as they reached wider audiences with limited and minimal backing.

Locals Reviews

James, 28, Shoreditch: I love the ideas about building a more sustainable future, not simply about beauty.  I have a strong desire to know how we can actively support this endeavour and what additional developments could be forthcoming.

Sophie, 42, Camden: "The visuals were stunning, showcasing a side of London I hadn't imagined. I liked the dive into the importance of integrating green spaces into our urban lifestyle. I'm inspired! But, naturally, I've got questions – what challenges might we face in making these changes, and how can locals actively get involved?"

Charlie, 23, Islington: "I for one really wished London had more nature intertwined as other than a few measly bushes I pass almost no nature on the 30 minute commute to work. Worryingly though, these AI generated images are already not too far fetched from what I see parts of London like at this moment in time,

Sustainability Push

One of the ways in which the campaign could build sustainability is through building community engagement and establishing ourselves as a brand who build community projects that help with creating a greener London. The aim could be to encourage citizens to become involved in the community by implementing sustainable practices into their everyday life. Community gardens, composting programmes, and environmental education are a few examples of initiatives that might encourage communities to actively support the project's sustainability objectives.

AI-generated art may be used in educational initiatives to convey difficult environmental themes in a clear and interesting way. People, especially kids, might benefit from using AI art to visually express stories about ecosystems and emphasise the value of sustainable activities. 

Also the idea of a shock campaign promotes sustainability practices in and of itself.  'Artificial intelligence can process vast extents of data about climate change, deforestation, or pollution and translate these into compelling visuals. This imagery humanises the raw data, relaying its urgency in a format that resonates with us on an emotional level. AI art gives potency to environmental narratives by transforming scientific facts into evocative storytelling. ' (Greener Ideal, 2023)

The AI images were created in order to promote reflection and spark personal reflection. It's about using a place personal to the viewers and turning it into something horrifying they may have never seen before.

Final Reflection

Upon reflection, I thoroughly enjoyed this project. The RSA brief allowed me to look at this from another angle I have not usually thought about. The emphasis on using a new technology to focus on an environmentally focused project, made me approach the campaign with a new level of thought and attempt to learn a new technology. It took hours of practice in order to start finally producing AI images I was happy to use. It was hard to find the right words in order to obtain a suitable image. However, when used correctly the opportunities are endless. Which is why, the majority of the art used on this website I also created on Microsoft Bing Image creator.

Social media and AI art together provide a powerful synergy that increases the impact and reach of sustainability messages. Shared on various platforms such as Twitter and TikTok, the visually compelling AI-generated graphics have demonstrated their ability to act as a catalyst, igniting debates and inspiring communities to adopt a more environmentally conscious outlook.

Locals in London have shared their opinions about the AI-driven campaign through reviews and comments, which highlight the power of social media as a forum for group interaction. A brilliant TikTok video or a series of visually arresting photographs on Twitter have the capability to go viral and transcend barriers of time and culture in addition to their visual appeal.


I believe I started this project too late due to me struggling to create any concrete ideas leading me to not feel like I fulfilled the idea of the campaign to the fullest. With further time possibilities I would of created more content and promoted it even further, while asking for even more reviews and thoughts on the project. I also would have expanded further into other platforms such as Instagram and Facebook. I also would have liked to have delved into the idea of collaboration with local influencers and eco companies,

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