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The Mask
The Insiders
The Meeting

The Insiders 

About my films:

Here are three of my projects created The Mask, The Insiders and The Meeting. One being a self produced horror films. The others were group projects created by groups of 4-7. The Meeting and The Mask are both short horror films.

The Insiders was made with a different influence. This was created by a group of 6 during my secondary school days and was very much a rushed production. Although there are some very strong elements I would be the first to admit there is some very glaring issues.

Our new release The Mask was produced with a heavy influence from the Blair Witch. I believe this is something that is reflected in the final cut. I shot and edited this all by myself and is very similar in ways to my previous short film The Mask.

These are some more educational information based videos in which the aim was to spread awareness on some important subjects. They are often in different formats based upon my intended social media in which i wish to post them.

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